Month: July 2013

Where the hell have I been?

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Alright, so it’s been some time since I’ve been writing. ¬†I know, I know — I am ashamed ūüė¶ ¬†But things happen in this thing called life. ¬†Not to make excuses, but I was trying to adapt to the new schedule caused by my new job. ¬†Then I got a weird volleyball injury that took up my time trying to rehab that. ¬†Then I got really sick really fast around Christmas and found myself admitted to the hospital several times. ¬†Lucky for me this happened in December and January so I got to fulfill two massive deductibles back to back. ¬†Hurrah! ¬†And hospitals are not fun — especially when you get the bill months later and can’t decipher what charges came from where and from whom and for how much. ¬†I will say to my insurance company that your estimate on what a CT scan costs is sooooo completely off from what the hospital says ($800 estimate vs. $1700 charge). ¬†All that fun and the multiple docs couldn’t even tell me what was wrong; just treated the symptoms and see what could be managed.

Then after getting to know the hospital, I got a weird infection that sidelined me for over three weeks. ¬†Meds didn’t work, I was weak all the time, I couldn’t walk without getting dizzy (which is a challenge if you have to navigate stairs to get to your truck — not that I could drive anywhere even if I managed to make it to the garage). ¬†Things eventually cleared up, but since I missed so much work, I ended up losing my job. ¬†Which I guess is alright aside from the fact that I am penniless. ¬†I don’t blame them for firing me; it just sucks for me. ¬†So much for my first stint in Corporate America!

But losing my job meant that I could focus on the physical therapy for the injury that happened months ago. ¬†And lucky for me (or unlucky for me), I met my out-of-pocket maximum for the year back in January so no charge! ¬†Well fast-forward a couple of months and my knees are still shit. ¬†I can’t afford COBRA anymore so I guess I will have to tape them up and just go on with life.

And that is what I am trying to do — go on with life. ¬†I think I’ve done enough wallowing in self-pity and it is time to git goin’! ¬†I’m finally able to work out again (with some obvious limitations) and I’m getting back to what I love — FOOD! ¬†And booze, of course. ¬†Actually, right now I am in the Corner Brewery here in Ypsilanti trying to raise my spirits. ¬†Some pulled pork tacos and a Buzzsaw IPA can sure help with my mood, but more on that later! ¬†Although it is a bummer that no one wants to join me here — stupid friends and their stupid jobs and families and prior commitments!

But in all seriousness, I plan on getting back to blogging and sharing my foodie adventures. ¬†I did just take another trip up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and found some amazing pasties, and breweries , and wineries, and distilleries. . . . I’m also trying to make a theme cake (note the emphasis on trying). ¬†What’s wrong with a round cake? ¬†I can do those, no problem. ¬†Dinosaur shaped? ¬†Ugh, I need to practice this. ¬†A lot. ¬†Plus I have some posts that should have gone out last year (oops!), but they’re still relevant.

So Stay tuned! ¬†More food and booze and hijinx heading your way! ¬†And for no good reason — here’s my sweet idiot dog Cooper enjoying the summer sun!


Cooper luvs summer!
Cooper luvs summer!


For those that think all Pit Bulls are mean -- you are wrong!
For those that think all Pit Bulls are mean — you are wrong!