Day: July 9, 2011

Sugar Cookies, take #1

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Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!  So to celebrate, I made some sugar cookies.  Well, attempted, I should say.  These were supposed to be sugar cookies.  But these really didn’t turn out quite right.  It’s not that they tasted bad, but they didn’t taste like “cookies”.  I’d say that these were a lot closer to shortbread than to cookies.  The flavor and texture were good, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Just another work in progress.  So I won’t even bother with posting a recipe with this one.  But I will say that these had some coconut and whole wheat flour.  Maybe that was the problem.  Sometimes I just go and make some changes without thinking.  But again, cooking and baking is a process.  But sometimes I should just stick to the recipe!  Nevertheless, I am probably going to need to add more butter to this one.  Butter solves everything!

Of course, I had to use up some of my sanding sugars.  And here is my attempt at making them look pretty.

I will definitely have to retry this one.  Hopefully I can do this national holiday that honors one of our most beloved cookies some justice.  But at least I made some “whole wheat coconut shortbread“.