Hello y’all!

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Hello everyone.  Just bear with me cuz I’m just learning how to work this blog.  But I wanted to give y’all a brief introduction into what this site will be about.  Cooking and baking for me (and for lots of folks) is an evolutionary process.  Everything is always changing — new ingredients, new techniques, new tools of the trade, and all that jazz.  So nothing is really static.

Whenever I see a recipe, I see it as just a starting point.  Many times, I already know what I want to change (usually in regards to flavor profile) and go from there.  Hopefully what I’ve done and what I’ve learned can help others.  I can share what works, what doesn’t work, what really doesn’t work, and then post all the chronicles on-line.  Just stay tuned in and watch the magic happen 🙂

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